1. SUCCESSFUL SCHOOLING – Train your Horse with Empathy.

I am reading your book "Successful schooling". I definitely, love your book! Love every sentence in your book! Every rider and trainer should study it! It is so (!) easy to read and you explain so (!) clearly! So much information! It is so interesting that I don't know which part to read first! Ewa Rot-Buga.


It's been great to work with you again, and I feel it has been a truly worthwhile project. This book really has something to say, which sets it apart from the run-of-the-mill horse book. Let's hope the horsey-reading public agree with me and the book is given the credit it deserves. Lesley Gowers. Publishing manager JA Allen.

Liz Smith

I joined the BHS at Badminton last month and received Four Steps to Riding Success by Karin Blignault as a thank you gift.
  As a fairly competent horse rider and owner of a hot headed Iberian horse, I wanted to email you to say that I think this is simply an inspired choice of book to give to members! I hope it make riders of all levels take a pause and re-think their approach to riding.
    If only we could persuade trainers and instructors to really think about what they say, and what they really mean (assuming they actually do know!), instead of relying on the usual and often banal phrases like "inside leg to outside hand". In fact I've often wondered why in riding schools the success of a riding lesson isn't judged byboth how a rider is progressing and the impact of this on the horse's going?
    I will definitely be looking for other titles by Karin and I'm certain that they will help me continue to develop my riding competence.   Once again, thank you!

Liz Smith.

If you ever find yourself in the UK I would love to come along to one of your clinics. As I said in my email to the BHS, I really am finding your books truly inspirational and they are helping me break through some of the barriers I have had where trainers have just not been able to communicate what they might feel through to me.

Sylvia Loch.

I have always enjoyed Karin's writing and there is much to admire in her latest book, especially since she has a lucid and helpful style - explaining in depth many physiological facts concerning aspects of the horse in movement which too many of us trainers probably take for granted, whilst not necessarily knowing the scientific whys and wherefores.

Sandra Walsh. UK.

Just wanted to say that your new book (four Steps) is fantastic. Thank you so much for writing such a clear book and explaining why and how things work. I found it so useful that I’ve now ordered your other two books.

Tracy Roberson photographer. Cape Town.

Can’t put your book down.


Wetsi Derick Moloi

Wetsi Derick Moloi. South Africa.

I have watched the DVD and well, it is just fantastic. You manage to break down the aids/signals perfectly. The system you teach is very similar to, if not exactly the same, as I was taught to ride in France. There are variations, but the essence and philosophy remain the same. Thank you very very much, I will, with permission, incorporate your method into my coaching.

Sandra Walsh. United Kingdom.

Loved it and found it very useful. I really appreciated seeing how much to increase the aids to be effective, especially the novice horse yielding to the rein. A lot of books and videos talk about light aids but they don’t explain what to do when you don’t get a reaction. I’ve struggled with this personally because I want to ride him softly and lightly, but I don’t always ge the response I’m looking for either in asking him to move away from my leg or give to the rein. I’ve been a bit unsure of how to insist but not 'bully' him.

Dinah Curling

Dinah Curling. Cape Town.

I have watched the DVD and find it interesting indeed. Now that I have seen Karin in action and heard her instruct three different pupils with three horses all at totally different levels, and seen her ride in this DVD, I am impressed by her approach.

June Heather Williams

June Heather Williams.

Karin’s DVD, Four Steps to Riding Success has excellent explanations while doing practical exercises with pupils on different horses – all with amazing outcomes. Her book, also titled Four Steps to Riding Success backs up the DVD with great simple understandable explanations of the theory behind the practice as well as more photos and practical exercise suggestions – both on and off the horse. It’s great to read and watch the DVD to reinforce these simple principles in one’s brain and then translate them to your horse. I can totally recommend the DVD and book.

Frances Dorer.

I am watching your DVD and it is fantastic. Can’t wait for the next one. I have now tried some of your exercises with my pupils. They really work and make riding and training horses so easy.

Maria Iwanowska.

I have been looking at your DVD. It is really really excellent!!! I have seen so many other DVD's produced by various (great) equestrians and although they mostly have nice pictures, sometimes even spectacular, but there is no content from which one can learn something, whilst yours goes into so much interesting detail. It is really very generous on your part. Super, and I'm really looking forward to your next one, please let me know when it is available.