• My Four Steps riding/training courses focus on:

    1. Learning how to feel, what to feel and what feels correct.

    2. Correcting body use because we communicate with the horse through a body language.
    The biggest problem in communicating our intensions to the horse is that our lack of
    coordination causes misunderstanding. It is often claimed that 'the horse does not want
    to' or 'the horse can't'. If riders have inadequate coordination, their messages are vague
    and opposing. This confuses horses.

    3. I specialise in horse and rider biomechanics. Once riders understand how their and their
    horse's bodies function biomechanically, they learn much faster.

    4. The principles of the Classical school of lightness, balance, avoiding opposing messages
    and release of the aids is followed.

    5. The first course consists of three lessons. Which emphasises the four steps which set riders
    and horses up for everything needed to get to Grand Prix level in dressage as well as outstanding
    jumping ability. Everything riders will need to get to these levels are variations of the correct
    execution of these four basic steps. Once the riders are adept at these four exercises we go through
    a check list of what they would like to learn. Riding and training horses becomes extremely easy.

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  • If you would like to organise a course in your area kindly contact Karin Blignault