Thea Prestoy Dahlseng

Thea Prestoy Dahlseng. Norway.

If I can learn so much in two lessons, imagine how much I can learn in four weeks.

Ewa Rott-buga

Ewa Rott-buga. Poland.

I don't know how to thank you for teaching me! If I had to write about all the progress I made thanks to you, it would take five pages! I didn't think that I would ever be able to ride my horse like I have in these three days. I have never met a trainer as good as you! I am infinitely grateful for your work on my hands and stiff arms, which no other trainer could correct. No one has ever taught me anything of this in ten years of lessons. I know I can finally progress now.The most fabulous thing in your way of teaching is that you have built a system - very clear and obvious and it is like a straight path, which rider and horse can go step by step to understand each other. For me it was a revelation. ... how simple piaffe can be!You are a wonderful person and it was an honour for me that I could learn from you.

Tracy Powell

Tracy Powell. Cape Town.

Karin, I must tell you that I rode Kalista-Rosie because I wanted your work to sink in. She did every single thing I asked her. She trotted 'on the bit', not once coming off and maintained rhythm throughout. It was absolutely glorious and I cannot believe the difference since you came along. I am so thrilled, THANK YOU. It was one of my special moments in riding. (After three lessons)

Cherree Thwaits

Cherree Thwaits. Cape Town.

Karin, thank you. If I had a million dollars I would gladly give it to you for fixing my horse.

Paula Perkowska and Kariba

Paula Perkowska and Kariba. Poland.

After all the years with my bad riding habits I did not know how to manage with my tight arm, even if my horse was well prepared and quite easy to ride. Karin explained to me in easy words, what was wrong with it and how I can work on it. After only 3 days I already feel a huge difference and for sure my horse feels it too (you can see it in her everyday behavior). She seems calmer, especially during the riding. I want to learn more and more and more and I find riding more pleasant. If I have any possibility to do a course again with Karin, I will do it for sure. Thank you Karin.

Maria Iwanowska - daughter of George Iwanowski, father of dressage in South Africa

Maria Iwanowska - daughter of George Iwanowski, father of dressage in South Africa. Poland.

"Horse calm, straight, forward" are the famous words of general Alexis L'Hotte. This is a basic principle in the riding school of Saumur in France, where L'Hotte was a director. (1864-1870). The basic rule of these words in classical riding is still current. "Horse calm, straight, forward" - Karin Blignault helped us with this thanks to her deep knowledge of biomechanics (with green horses, badly trained horses and advanced horses).

Joanna Lada

Joanna Lada. Poland.

A clinic with Karin, this is a pleasure of meeting an extremely patient yet enthusiastic person, clever and professional, a first class trainer. It is incredible, how well she is able to observe any tension in the rider or horse's body. She improves the horse by diagnosing the problems correctly. She then gives many tips to the riders. And when she rides the horses, they become beautiful.

Kathy Aronson

Kathy Aronson. Cape Town.

Karin sees everything even what is happening on the other side of the horse!

Janet Martinson

Janet Martinson. Norway.

When riders say they have a problem with this or with that, I always tell them that Karin will say, "don't worry, I will fix it", and she does - immediately.

Monika Karpinska

Monika Karpinska. Poland.

A clinic with Karin Blignault helped me to understand in practice the biomechanical principles she writes about in her book. I participated in the first clinic as a spectator and I found it very valuable. By participating as a rider I felt the effects of the laws of biomechanics and how they effect the horse and his carriage. I understood that it is the most efficient way of learning to ride properly. The set of exercises proposed by Karin is very effective and results in more suppleness in the horse and better movement (if executed correctly of course, but Karin teaches that).

Danusia Kloczkowska

Danusia Kloczkowska. Poland.

Karin has shown me that the horse I ride is sensitive and can respond to small aids. I felt it. Until now trainers have been telling me that he is big, heavy and that it takes time for the signal to reach his brain. She has made me aware that it is through feel, and not through thinking that you can get through to a horse. Now I know where I am heading. I have been given a recipe for working with this horse or I should rather say, myself, whereas I thought that there was nothing more I could teach him.

Ewelina Smola

Ewelina Smola. Poland.

I am very, very satisfied after my clinic with Karin. Her method and experience have made me see more clearly and now I know how to solve my and my horse's problems, while maintaining a good partnership with him. Karin was extremely professional and had an individual approach to every horse and rider. Each and every rider made enormous progress in the three days, which just proves how effective Karin's method and how great her knowledge is. I am very happy and I hope she will be back soon to teach us.

Dariusz Jaros, western riding trainer

Dariusz Jaros, western riding trainer. Poland.

Karin Blignault is an extremely competent person and a very experienced rider. I like the way she teaches, because she is very communicative and explains everything in detail, waits for effects and gets them with each rider. As a western style rider and trainer I can say that there is a lot in common with the classical way of riding: we train certain elements in a similar way and we use the same aids. The equine biomechanics are the same regardless of the saddle and style one rides. That is why the clinic can be helpful both to the classical and the western rider. Personally I would never want to stop learning and it is a pleasure to learn from people like Karin.

Anna Zenl

Anna Zenl. Poland.

The course with Karin was an interesting experience for me. She possesses a vast knowledge and can pass it on in a simple and practical way. She explains a lot of misconceptions about riding. Her many observations are accurate, which help a lot with training horses. The knowledge she passes on is concise, practical and easy to understand. I sincerely recommend it.

Beate & Prestige

Beate & Prestige. Norway.

You have taught me the most brilliant way to control my horse, this without pulling her mouth]. Now I can ride my horse and understand how to help/guide her. She is a much better horse now and much more relaxed. Thank you so much, and we are already looking forward to see you again next year. You are a very good teacher. I will look for your books. The girl on the happy cloud.

Heidi Ness and Little Loop

Heidi Ness and Little Loop. Norway.

The course has been BRILLIANT! I've loved it and I'm looking forward to the next time already. Won't you move here? I like the fact that now I know what to keep practicing and how to do the different exercises right. I liked the course because we are allowed to think and ask, and not the military way of 'keep quiet and listen'. I also love the fact that we are on the way to learn to ride with those invisible aids. I liked getting help with my own coordination, which sometimes goes totally wrong. I HAVE LOVED THE COURSE.

Sabine & Camino

Sabine & Camino. Norway.

I'm so satisfied with this course. I have learned so much. I did not think it would go as well as it did. Karin has a really good way to explain things. I have really loved this course. Brilliant course!

Lena and Quite

Lena and Quite. Norway.

The course has been really good. I've learned a lot and Karin explains really well what we should do, so that I will also remember it after she has left. After seeing the photos with the explanations of the angles of the neck I understand better and know I don't have to listen to what everybody else is saying. I enjoyed all the different exercises which I will remember because I now know how to do them and also how to strengthen my horse. I already feel the difference. Thank you for the help.

Bente & Ursander

Bente & Ursander. Norway.

I think it was good that we started with the basic. I'm struggling with my hard hands and we worked on my problem and the rest of the course built around that. Now, on the last lesson I feel that I know what to do and that I can cope with my horse. Also I like Karin, she knows her 'stuff' and I like that she is a kind person that makes you not become defensive. If you become defensive you wont' learn anything. I really enjoyed the lessons.

Mariell Haugen & Lexus

Mariell Haugen & Lexus. Norway.

Its good to have you back again. The course has been really good and I've learned a lot - as always. You are a really good trainer, because you make the riding lessons simple and at the same time you help us to get to another level to become better. The way you teach makes dressage fun and everything logical. I love the variations in the lessons so that every day is different.

Malene Siikavuopia

Malene Siikavuopia. Norway.

I invited Karin and organised courses because she is the only trainer I trust to solve me and my young horse's problems.

Silje Gamst and Martini

Silje Gamst and Martini. Norway.

It is always a pleasure to ride for Karin. Easy to understand and I get exercises that are good for me and my horse! I can use these exercises when I train alone too! I'm looking forward to have Karin back next year!

Bibbi  Grotnes and Chancy

Bibbi Grotnes and Chancy. Norway.

I have ridden for a lot of trainers during my life, but never have I met one who is as patient and easy to talk to as Karin!! She finds solutions I would not have dreamt of... and the work!! If Karin could move here, it would make my life almost perfect!! Can't wait for the next course.

Sarah Frew

Sarah Frew. Cape Town.

This system is so easy and correct. How come other riders don't see that using opposing messages do not work.

Siv Overness

Siv Overness. Norway.

It is not often that you get the privilege to ride for, not only a trainer of horses, but also a very good thinker. Karin Blignault is truly a gift for riders that seek more than just instructions on patterns to ride in the arena. She will expand your knowledge on how the body and mind functions, not only for your horse, but also for you, as a rider. I am so extremely grateful to have met Karin, been given the opportunity to ride for her and also learn from her. Her books are magnificent, and so are her riding lessons. I can strongly recommend her as a trainer of horses and people alike. Thank you Karin! You truly bring light and lightness.

Carol Stephens

Carol Stephens. Australia.

I wanted to sincerely thank you for organising the clinic with Karin. It was enjoyable and genuinely worthwhile. Karin was extremely generous with her time and always encouraging and supportive, even with amateur riders and difficult horses. I would have been content if I had just found a way to manage Johnny Reb's tantrums, but I learnt a great deal more. I certainly came away with a greater understanding of the importance of separating and making clear each individual aid. I shall try to continue with Karin's advice and teaching to the best of my ability. Please thank Karin for me. I certainly hope that we will see her back here again soon. I do not know of any other instructor with Karin's compassion and understanding.

Stephanie Bosangquet

Stephanie Bosangquet. Australia.

I've just attended Karin's Maleny clinic & I can say that anyone lucky enough to be going to her Gatton clinic is going to have an enlightening, encouraging & successful experience. Karin is a lovely lady & motivated teacher, who's awareness of any riders body tensions & patterns and the biomechanics of correct & therefore harmonious movement for horse & rider is excellent.

Laura Firrell

Laura Firrell. Australia.

Karin is a wonderful instructor and I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to attend! I have learnt so much and am looking forward to applying everything to my other horses. I am so glad that I could attend.

Libby Richardson

Libby Richardson. Cape Town.

Thank you so much for all the lessons! I really enjoyed it and I learned a lot. Thank you for having so much patience with me.

Ashleigh Jayne Pistorius

Ashleigh Jayne Pistorius. Pretoria.

Thank you soo much for transforming Monte.

Monika Kowalik

Monika Kowalik. Poland.

I see spectacular changes. Your great coaching attitude to the riders makes me each day to try to understand my horses better. Thank you for everything. I hope we will have opportunity to see you soon.

Antoinette Linde-Ford

Antoinette Linde-Ford. United Kingdom.

I see spectacular changes. Your great coaching attitude to the riders makes me each day to try to understand my horses better. Thank you for everything. I hope we will have opportunity to see you soon.

June Heather Williams

June Heather Williams. Pretoria.

Very empowering to do your course with you - and as Sam said before, you are wonderfully and endlessly patient!! I SO appreciate that! I cant wait to keep practising whatVerdi and I have learnt and especially to try and dislocate my ingrained limb responses to stop confusing my poor horse! Wind back the tape in my head! Once again a thousand thank yous! I somehow "knew" that this was the course I had been looking for although I have no idea how I knew that because I had never heard of you before and was really wary of learning from any more people after the few lessons I have had in the past. Lucky intuition I suppose!

Stefanie Paul

Stefanie Paul. Pretoria.

Thanks for a fantastic time last weekend. Looking forward to your next course.

Minna Waljas

Minna Waljas. Namibia.

I just wanted to thank you so much for the awesome clinic last weekend. I learned more in 3 days than in decades! I am so happy and grateful to you.

Ingrid Gehrung

Ingrid Gehrung. Pugnalin.

Just been practicing all the things we covered in the arena, it's truly amazing, feels so soft and fluid, she responds so well, feels like a dream! Thank you

Tracy Robertson

Tracy Robertson. South Africa.

A big thank you to Karin Blignault for driving all the way through to Durbanville today to share some of her wisdom with me! I learned so much and Cas went so beautifully!!! I cannot believe how much we covered in one lesson, and learning about a little history, the physiology and bio-mechanics of the horse before our lesson was...well bloody brilliant!!!

Magdalena Donimirska. Chairman Moszna Stud Farm

Magdalena Donimirska. Chairman Moszna Stud Farm. Poland.

Thank you for coming to Moszna. I am impressed with your lessons and am looking forward to invite you to teach in Moszna again.

Camilla and Nancy

Camilla and Nancy. Norway.

Karin explains the exercises well, now I know what to do and how to do it. I also like that she explained about the balance of the horse and how the rider affects the balance. Karin is brilliant. I have learned a lot.

Krissie Whitfield, Provincial Team Member

Krissie Whitfield, Provincial Team Member. Cape Town.

I will never go to any other trainer. Karin's method works fast.